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Belong to the Gigi’s – Goddess Gal Pals Club March 22, 2010

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Hi Gigi’s!

I LOVE to meet new people, experience new things, learn, garden, sing, dance, listen to all types of music, and experiment with new recipes.  Want to join the Gigi Club? Well come on now, add my blog and let’s become Gigi’s!

Share with me and I’ll share with you!

Recipes, an interesting tidbit you learned, a funny or touching story, a spectacular new activity, or just a plain old howdy on a Monday morning!

Hope to hear from lots of Gifted, Gracious, Goofy, Gaudy, Glorious, Grateful, Go-getting, Groovy,  Glamorous, Giving, Giddy, Graceful, Gorgeous Goddesses – because if you’re 18 or 90, then YOU ARE  a Gorgeous Goddess!!!!

Laugh, learn and liven up your taste buds!



2 Responses to “Belong to the Gigi’s – Goddess Gal Pals Club”

  1. Kelly Says:

    Good Morning!! =)

  2. Cindy Zwicke Says:

    Hello Goddesses!

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