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What is Goddess-ness? March 22, 2010

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Ever imagine how a Goddess would handle a situation?

What does a Goddess do?

A Goddess loves and honors herself despite any short comings she may have

A Goddess has self discipline and is not run by her emotions

A Goddess is honest

A Goddess is true to her own values

A Goddess knows her own mind and makes her own decisions

A Goddess know what she wants

A Goddess can give as well as receive

A Goddess does not over react and is not defensive

A Goddess does not seek approval from others

A Goddess trusts her instincts and follows them

A Goddess loves and respects everyone

A Goddess surrounds herself with happy healthy people who love her

A Goddess decides what she will spend her time doing

A Goddess can be an example for others

A Goddess is a natural leader

A Goddess is the creator of her own life

A Goddess knows her own boundaries and respects them

A Goddess respects the boundaries of others

A Goddess loves to play and have fun

A Goddess enjoys her own company

A Goddess loves and honors the Earth

A Goddess knows her own style

A Goddess enriches her own life and the lives of others

A Goddess knows her own gifts

A Goddess loves her own body

A Goddess enjoys her sexuality

A Goddess can handle adversity without falling apart

A Goddess pursues her own dreams

A Goddess takes care of herself

A Goddess can see the gifts others share

A Goddess is gracious

A Goddess learns from her mistakes

A Goddess learns from others

A Goddess wants to see the highest good served

A Goddess sees the big picture

A Goddess does not live in fear

A Goddess faces the world head on

A Goddess is open minded

A Goddess sees life as a learning place

A Goddess is grateful for everyone and everything in her life

I am sure there are many more qualities a Goddess has. See if you can add some. And the next time you are feeling down ask yourself, what would my inner Goddess do!

Laugh, learn and liven up your taste buds
Have a great week Gigi’s!


Belong to the Gigi’s – Goddess Gal Pals Club

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Hi Gigi’s!

I LOVE to meet new people, experience new things, learn, garden, sing, dance, listen to all types of music, and experiment with new recipes.  Want to join the Gigi Club? Well come on now, add my blog and let’s become Gigi’s!

Share with me and I’ll share with you!

Recipes, an interesting tidbit you learned, a funny or touching story, a spectacular new activity, or just a plain old howdy on a Monday morning!

Hope to hear from lots of Gifted, Gracious, Goofy, Gaudy, Glorious, Grateful, Go-getting, Groovy,  Glamorous, Giving, Giddy, Graceful, Gorgeous Goddesses – because if you’re 18 or 90, then YOU ARE  a Gorgeous Goddess!!!!

Laugh, learn and liven up your taste buds!



If you want to be happy for the rest of your life…

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Happiness is difficult to define and even harder to measure. We experience it as a combination of elements, in the same way that one wheel or spring inside a watch doesn’t keep time — it is a result of the synchronicity of the whole. As a relative state, happiness is what psychologists call our “subjective well-being” and, fortunately for us, it is a state that we can actively change for the better. Here are 20 ways to start.

  1. Count Your Blessings
  2. Hear the Music
  3. Snog. Canoodle. Get It On.
  4. Nurture Your Spirituality
  5. Move Your Body
  6. Laugh Big
  7. Do Something Nice for Someone Else
  8. Make More Money Than Your Peers
  9. Seek Positive Emotion as a Path to Success
  10. Identify With Your Heritage
  11. Use a Happy Memory as a Guide
  12. Play the Part of an Optimist
  13. Try New Things
  14. Tell Your Story to Someone
  15. Balance Work and Home
  16. Be Like the Danes: Keep Expectations Realistic
  17. Make Time
  18. Visualize Happiness
  19. Smile
  20. Marry Happy
2. I raked nearly my entire 40 x 40 garden of leaves plus the herb garden today.
3. I warmed my innards with hot cocoa and marshmallows and warm my outards ( is that a word?) in a bubble bath.
Laugh, learn and liven up your taste buds! – Bethsheba