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When it snows, you have two choices: shovel or make snow angels! January 12, 2012

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No that isn’t Santa Claus

learning something new!)


You can never start early enough when teaching the art of making snow angels!!

All eyes on on the sky anticipating the first large snow of the season. We had an incredible run baby just suck it up and get ready. Break out the :

  • Shovel – one that feels good in your hands. Well it would feel better in someone else’s hands than mine but since I’m a single goddess, I guess it will be my hands eh?
  • Pam spray – what am I planning on making flapjacks? – Nope! My ex taught me that if you put it on the blower and shovel (yeah he’s the one that used to shovel and snow plow, I will miss that), that it will just slide right off. Hmmm do you think that if I go out and spray the entire driveway rigth now the falling snow won’t stick to the driveway? I wish….
  • The boots and snow pants – I bought myself some new boots with an adorable fur trim and black puffy snow pants that make a corduroy swishing sound while I walk. And yes they do make my butt look big, I don’t have to ask anyone about that!
  • The hot cocoa – cause yes you can now get the car out and wore your cute new snow outfit, but it’s a law that there is a cup of hot deliciousness to help soothe yourself after all that work!

Since it’s a learning type of day, I got these snow tips from and article I found:

Be Safe Shoveling Snow this Winter

by Marcus Pickett

Snow Shoveling Safety Tips

  • Don’t shovel soon after you wake up. A slipped disc injury is much more likely to occur in the morning due to the build-up of fluid in the disc from lying down all night.
  • Check with your doctor if you have even reason to believe shoveling snow might present a health hazard, particularly any heart condition.
  • Use multiple layers of clothing, shed layers to avoid becoming overheated, and use slip-resistant boots.
  • Spray or rub some type of lubricant on the shovel to keep snow from sticking to your shovel?the lighter the load, the better.
  • Before you start, drink some water to stay hydrated, and stretch like you would for any strenuous activity.
  • Take frequent breaks.

The False Security of the Snow Thrower
Loathe to shovel their snow, many homeowners own a snow thrower. It may seem almost too easy, getting out there with a high-powered snow, while your neighbor labors and heaves with a manual shovel. According to the Center for Disease Control and United States Consumer Product Safety Commission, snow thrower-related injuries account for 4,000-6,000 emergency room visits each year. More than 1,000 of these injuries will result in maiming or amputations.

 Unfortunately, too many people take snow thrower safety for granted until injuries occur. Most recently, NHL center Joe Sakic broke three fingers and damaged tendons by reaching into the snow thrower. This is the most common snow thrower injury, as most people don’t realize, despite manufacturer warnings, that the augur blades can continue to rotate even after the machine has been shut off. Despite recent quotes from Avalanche VP Jean Martineau, who was defending Sakic’s use of a snow thrower despite a bad back, using a snow thrower involves a lot more than “just going for a walk.”

Alternatives to Snow Shovels and Snow Throwers
Obligated to keep their sidewalks clear, many homeowners may feel like they have few snow removal options, especially if their neighborhood doesn’t have the entrepreneurial teenager. While most people know professional snow removal services are out there, few realize that contacting these professionals can be as easy as a few mouse clicks. Internet users can easily find an online referral service that will match homeowners with local contactors. Ironically, the industry leader for online home improvement referrals, ServiceMagic, is actually headquartered in Lakewood, CO, some 9 miles from the Pepsi Center?home of Joe Sakic’s Colorado Avalanche.

Have a Snow Removal Plan
This is the silver bullet for safely removing snow from your property. From young residents who are trying to get down on expenses as much as possible to older homeowners who need a low-maintenance solution to their snow-covered sidewalks, devising a plan, long before the snow begins to fall, that will ensure your health and safety is critical to handling the winter season.



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  1. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…

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