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About Bethsheba Celebration Goddess March 20, 2010


E-mail: imacelebrationgoddess@yahoo.com
Based out of McHenry Illinois

Hi everyone my name is Bethsheba! Actually my “Clark Kent” name is Beth Weiss. I not your average kinda goddess.

I grew up a skinny, picky eater. VERY picky. One of three girls, we had to learn to cook when we were preteens because of our disabled Mom. She sat in the kitchen and taught us how to make the basics baked potatoes, pork chops, and meatloaf. If we wanted to get exotic, we ordered some chop suey from Plum Garden. Now that’s daring!

I dreamed of being an archeologist.

Well years later, I’m definitely plumper. An archeologist? No but I did become a world traveler, even climbing the pyramids and learning belly dancing! There’s a love of all cultures, cooking, dancing, and having fun inside me.

I’ve been throwing elaborate theme parties for my friends for over 10 years now. I’ve built full-scale pirate ships and had a treasure hunt (the pirate guests cheated of course). I taught the sheiks at the Turkish party to belly dance. And, we even survived an unusually cold August luau party by eating our roasted pig in our sweatpants by a roaring bonfire.

I’ve competed in and won both jambalaya and chili cook offs. I love parties, people, and food so much.

Queens, Divas, Gods, Goddesses, Party Girls, Foodies, Princesses, and even Wallflowers every day you have to have fun, make a new friend, laught and eat off a gold fork! Because life is too short not to sing ta da when you come into a room! 

Bethsheba –Laugh, learn and liven up your taste buds!


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