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So much oregano in my garden. So many uses… April 27, 2010

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Holy smokes my oregano is taking over!!! Read on for lots of uses for oregano including aphrodisiacs, protection against demons and awesome antioxidant properties!

What is an aphrodisiac? Aphrodisiac is any food, drink or other agent, which increases sexual desire. This covers both men and women. Although it has not been proved scientifically that particular types of food boost sexual desire, some foods are good for libido due to their health benefits, such as content of various vitamins and healthy substances.

So when you are cooking, don’t leave out the oregano. Oregano has 3 to 20 times higher antioxidant activity than any other culinary herb. Gram per gram, Oregano has 42 times more antioxidant activity than apples, 30 times more than potatoes, 12 times more than oranges and four times more than blueberries.

Oregano is bound to Venus and air. It is an herb of happiness, tranquility, good luck, health, and protection. Make a tea or burn as incense for any of the above.

Plant oregano around your house for protection, and scatter it inside the house to protect it. Carry it as a sachet or charm to bring good luck and good health. It is also said to promote psychic dreams when worn on the head during sleep.

As a romantic gesture, offer a bouquet of fresh herbs, each with its own message.

A bouquet of oregano is a sign of joy (Greece). The name “oregano” translates as “joy of the mountain” and has its origins in the ancient Greek “oros” (mountain) and “ganos” (joy). It is said in Greek mythology, the sweet, spicy scent of oregano was created by the goddess Aphrodite as a symbol of happiness.

In Ancient Greece, bridal couples were crowned with garlands of oregano. Oregano plants were placed on tombs to give peace to departed spirits.

Oregano was quite a powerful plant because a person who carried it with him was believed to be protected from the witches, water sprites, demons and venomous animals. This small bush had also a power to repel snakes from the garden.

Laugh, learn and liven up your taste buds!