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The Many Faces of Liz March 24, 2011

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something new!)

Interesting tidbits of Liz….

Liz was born in England and appeared in her first motion picture at the age of nine.

I liked her the best in Cleopatra. Go figure!

When asked why she married so often, she replied “I don’t know, honey. It sure beats the hell out of me.” Taylor hoped to focus on her marriage over her career, and gained weight in an unsuccessful attempt to not receive film roles. Hey I love this one! Burton once disagreed with others about Taylor’s famed beauty, saying that calling her “the most beautiful woman in the world is absolute nonsense. She has wonderful eyes, but she has a double chin and an overdeveloped chest, and she’s rather short in the leg.” On another occasion, however, he praised her lavishly, stating that, “She was unquestionably gorgeous. I can think of no other word to describe a combination of plentitude, frugality, abundance, tightness. She was lavish. She was a dark unyielding largesse. She was, in short, too bloody much.”


Liz was a grandma at 39. At the time of her death she was survived by her four children, ten grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren.

Taylor was a supporter of Kabbalah and member of the Kabbalah centre. She encouraged long-time friend Michael Jackson to wear a red string as protection from the evil-eye during his 2005 trial for molestation, where he was eventually cleared of all charges.

Taylor had a passion for jewelry. Over the years she owned a number of well-known pieces, two of the most talked-about being the 33.19-carat (6.64 g) Krupp Diamond and the 69.42-carat (13.88 g) pear-shaped Taylor Burton diamond, which were among many gifts from husband Richard Burton. Taylor also owned the 50-carat (10 g) La Peregrina Pearl, purchased by Burton as a Valentine’s Day present in 1969. The pearl was formerly owned by  Mary I of England, and Burton sought a portrait of Queen Mary wearing the pearl. Upon the purchase of such a painting, the Burtons discovered that the British National Portrait Gallery did not have an original painting of Mary, so they donated the painting to the Gallery Her enduring collection of jewelry has been documented in her book My Love Affair with Jewelry (2002).

Taylor devoted much time and energy to related charities, and helped raise more than $100 million to fight the disease. What a woman.




Laugh, learn and liven up your taste buds!