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BLUES!!! March 22, 2011

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TUNES TUESDAY – (enjoy grooving on a Tuesday
with some music, especially an
old favorite or something totally new!!)

Do I have the blues, hell no! I do I have a shirt that says Wild Women don’t get the blues! It is time again for a Blues Festival!  Last year was an awesome time dancing with my little sissie Jewels. And yes I’m sorry, Dr. Hottie, but I do intend on dancing all day and night. Why the heck does he think I could go so high up on my toes for that x-ray! Enjoy a little Jumpship Blues music: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=051ouL_zqaY&feature=player_embedded

 The Jumpship Blues Band

In late 2002, Rich Johnson (bass guitar) and Eric Carlson (guitar) decided to form The Jumpship Blues Band and set out to recruit some personnel. They invited Tedd Schmidt to try out as a vocalist with the band. He was an instant success.

The band played several gigs with a variety of excellent musicians who were sharing time with other bands. By 2004, permanent membership had become their goal. They started looking for a keyboard or harp player and a drummer. Eric Grasamkee entered the picture and his skills on harp proved to be a good fit.

In 2005, Harley Pryne joined the band on drums. They considered themselves fortunate to get the services of this veteran performer. Two years later, John Strassburg (keyboardist) heard the band at the Clark Place. He joined the band in the spring of 2007.

Jumpship’s unique blues stylings are most influenced by Chicago Blues and West Coast Swing. The Jumpship Blues Band invites you to listen, dance, and sing along with them as they share their love for the blues.


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