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My Friend JJ December 15, 2010

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(enjoy learning about a goddess!)

Dave Jr.'s wedding

This week’s goddess is my one of my oldest friends, Jeanette Jesky. I don’t mean she’s old cause we certainly ARE NOT. We’re like fine wine. Good to the last drop. Oh I’m sorry that’s coffee isn’t it?

We live in the same town. We grew up together. Did all the naughty things that teenagers do together. We were cheerleaders together. She used to call me Richie because my Dad had a real estate business and built us a nice house and we used squeeze Parkay.

We used to walk up to her family’s boat business and beg her mother for hours on end to give us money so we could walk to McDonald’s and get a whole meal for less than $1.00. Cheeseburger, fries and a coke.  Considering it’s been about 30 years, I guess $3.00 for that same meal isn’t a bad thing…Jane would always give in to us. Thanks Mama J!

So now we’re older – ahem. JJ has a great man Dave who she’s been with since we were in high school. Has 3 boys and probably looks the best out of any high school girl from 1981. She’s a runner you know.

I think it’s pretty damn cool to still have a friend from such a long time ago. In sickness and in health, through good times and bad. Oh wait that’s a husband isn’t it? Well we’ve certainly had our good times. And we’ll continue to do so. So Love ya JJ!!!

JJ's family boating on the Fox.


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