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So Good I had to Offer her Twice! December 8, 2010

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WOW WHAT A GODDESS WEDNESDAY – (enjoy learning about a goddess!)

I featured Candye a couple weeks ago because I admire her talented singing, zest for life and positive message. I read her facebook page tonight and thought I’d share because I dig her message on faith.

My beliefs about God after pancreatic cancer

by Candye Kane on Tuesday, December 7, 2010 at 9:07pm

A very dear friend of mine just asked me this question:

“If God has nothing to do with your healing, then what I am most curious about is this: When you pray, to whom or what do you pray? Like do you call a name, or just say God or Goddess? I certainly believe in positive mental attitudes and I want to know more about your thinking or opinions in this area.”

I wrote her back this response but i wanted to add this; Even though im flying tomorrow and im scared to death to fly  and this may not be the wisest analogy,  here goes; — when an airplane is going down — i believe everyone wants to live and everyone prays just as hard to be saved. Every man, woman and child would bargain with God and asked to be spared or ask for their child to be spared in the wreck. Yet sometimes everyone dies on the plane or just one or two people survive. Does that mean that their prayer was more sacred or better or more heartfelt or eloquent in the eyes of God? Does that mean all of them were meant to die at the same time? Or that one or two of them were meant to live and the rest to die?  I dont believe so. I dont believe in a God who is an engineer at Boeing – designing a flawed plane. I dont believe God decides that everyone on a plane is going to be flown into the World Trade Center. I believe mankind invented airplanes and cars and aspartame and that mankind is paying the price for those inventions when they go awry – whether in an accident or in a health related crisis.

I meet people every night at my shows who are struggling with cancer or the loss of a loved one to cancer. I dont believe i wanted to live more than their loved ones or that I was blessed more than their loved ones.  I too have lost friends who desperately wanted to live and were still robbed of their lives. So when people say “Hey candye, im so glad you lived – Jesus saved you because i prayed for you; ” I find that really hard to digest. I dont think Jesus or God sits around pointing a finger at who will live and who will die.

I know these are intense issues and that people have very deeply held convictions about this subject. For me it is also a deeply personal question. I try not to impose my beliefs on others. I just believe what i believe and sometimes I allude to it here on Facebook or in my live show or in other writing outlets… but for the sake of my friend and others who may be wondering — let me try and explain:

My personal belief is that any time we say a prayer;  whether it is directed at a God who is a european looking guy with a flowing beard or long hair, or a nurturing woman carrying bunches of flowers, or a yogi with a turban or a beautiful huge redwood tree or a vast ocean, or even just the beauty and silence of nothingness, that we are doing something worthwhile and good — we are manifesting and even speaking words of comfort and positivity in our very activity of asking for comfort and healing. as we say “please god, help me to be better — or please angels heal me — or please higher power- send me the strength i need — or please deceased grandma, watch over me”  or simply “please help me” we are reinforcing the belief in our own souls that this can be done. We have incredible internal strength — god or goddess or whomever you believe in, has already given me all the strength i need to overcome every thing thrown my way. Now i truly believe that this strength is here INSIDE ME NOW and i dont need an external source of strength to get me thru any circumstances. No Jesus. No Mary. No Holy Ghost. No God.

When i am at my most vulnerable, i do pray to what i believe is the collective energy of all of those who have come before me and all who are still living in the spiritual realm. I dont believe in a heaven or hell or a mortal guy who became an angel or an immaculate conception or a male figurehead. i believe in a collective energy — a source of power too complicated and too awesome for me as a mere mortal to understand. I dont pretend to understand this energy. i only know that this energy has given me incredible internal strength and that all of us have that strength to draw on when we need it most. This is not to diminish what others believe or what brings them comfort. If it means more for you to put a tangible face on this strength — be it god, or goddess or angels or Jesus — or whomever, that is your personal walk and your personal choice. you need to put your faith where you must.

I believe that when all of us on this planet are working towards one collective good, be that me or you getting well, or healing our planet or spreading love to one another, that we humans are creating positive energy and that our energy is super powerful, especially in numbers. When any one person prays or meditates on anything good on regular intervals, we can create our own destiny. I dont believe in a god that points a finger and says YOU WILL LIVE AND YOU WILL DIE. That kind of god is just someone or something i cannot believe in.

Religions have existed since the dawn of time and most of them were created to keep the populations in line and to answer questions like where do floods come from, or lightning storms, or why do people die or suffer? These are questions that have been answered and discussed by wiser men that me — and thats my biggest problem with it — they were MEN. women were not allowed to write the bible. They were not allowed to read. They were fetching water at the well and dying in childbirth. If women had written the bible how might it be different? I wonder about that a lot.

The higher power i believe in is a distinctly female energy. An energy that is life giving and sustaining the same way women are. I believe this energy has given me the strength to overcome and to use words to empower myself and to use visualizations to heal myself and that this intangible energy is far too busy to be bothered with me and my individual problems. I have been given a gift to heal. My body will heal tomorrow from a cut today. In my opinion, thats not god healing me but a miraculous body that I am in charge of – that I have to take care of while its wrapped around my soul. As the guardian of this amazing body, and mind and heart, i have a responsibility to speak words of strength and courage to myself and to others, to strengthen my foundation from the inside out. I have a responsibility to make the world better right now — not because i will go to heaven – not because i need to atone for an original sin – but because its the right thing to do to be kind to others and to wish them healing and love. when i see a car wreck, i do pray — i say – “please send them the strength they need to get thru this crisis. help them find the power within themselves. ” Am I praying to God? or am i just sending them healing light? The choice is yours.

This belief is what sustains me — what gets me thru my trials and tribulations. Everyone has to find their own way to the light. My way is to believe this light is inside me and its about believing that i can do it myself thru prayer, meditation and positive thinking. it doesnt matter to me whether there is a god answering my prayer like a short order cook. What matters is the act of believing that i will transcend – that i will be made whole- that my own faith and personal power and the positive thoughts of those around me will mingle in the universe and reflect back on me with love and white light. Thats my belief. I cant see a god. No one can prove god exists or doesnt exist. But i know that i can transform and have changed my own destiny by believing that i could do it and by using words to reinforce that belief.

In the end, what does it matter whether god healed me, whether my own words and energy and inner strength healed me, whether the collective well wishes of others healed me — or whether it was all three?? All that matters is i am healed. i would rather believe in my own inner strength and tell others to believe in theirs rather than direct them to a traditional male god who has all the answers and will take an innocent child or send a flood or plague to kill innocents to make a point. Thats just not a god idea that i can embrace and it frankly sounds more like a fairy tale than it does anything real.

If there were a God choosing to take an innocent baby from the arms of its parents, or a beautiful young girl like Heather Macallister or Bobbi Brat from us,  I couldnt give that kind of God my support in any way. I dont want any part of a God like that – one who would ignore good peoples suffering and pleas and cries for mercy – even though maybe something good and meaningful will come from it later.

I choose to believe in the power of one and all. The power that i give myself when i say “Give me the strength and courage to do this. ” The power I get when all of you collectively say “Let Candye live. We love her. She makes us happy and means so much to us.” Whenever anyone speaks or utters words of love, beauty and empowerment about ourselves or another human being — thats where God is. God isnt stirring the pot. God or whatever GOD is to YOU,  has already given you all the superior ingredients to make your own amazing soup right now.



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