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I Got to Please 345 Sailors Today! November 25, 2010

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Potato peelers ready, now get peelin’!!! That’s how my Dad, the Marine, and I started our morning.  This is the second year that we’ve donated our time to the local VFW.

Me, Gary and Don boiled and mashed too many potaters to count!!!

I got to work with an old high school chum Tonee!

We joined a bunch of volunteers who make our local Great Lakes Naval Base sailors Thanksgiving a little bit happier since they can’t spend it with their families.

The guys out back get their turkey fryers rippin’ hot so that they can fry up 57 turkeys.

I caught my Dad “taste testing”

We made mountains of mashed and sweet potaters. Five gallons of gravy – watch out for my whisk! And lip smacking squash. Last year they didn’t cook evenly so I tried to get some 12 year old girls to squish the squash with their bare hands. Response from said girls, ewww no we’re not touching that!

It was a fulfilling day today! I give thanks to those men and women that serve our country. It was a pleasure to serve them. And the best part is standing outside with our giant flags waving them in on the buses, seeing them all standing in line to eat  our humble meal, and then karaoking to kick up some fun after chow!

Now I’m off to visit my sister up north in Mosinee Wisconsin. I should be able to successfully put on 3-4 pounds. Her and her hubby are the BEST cooks – having had three restaurants that they put me to work in occasionally. I earned my bread and butter or pink flamingo drinks by bartending, waitressing, or helping in the kitchen. The helping in the kitchen was the most amazing part. You know Hell’s Kitchen? Yeah that would be it!!!

Laugh, learn and liven up your taste buds!


Just had to add this one because it’s so funny!


2 Responses to “I Got to Please 345 Sailors Today!”

  1. holessence Says:

    Beth – I soooooooo admire YOU!

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