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The Art of Laughter November 21, 2010

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SUCH A RELAXING SUNDAY – (enjoy a way to unwind.)

Well I had quite an awesome experience on Thursday laughing my butt off at Laughter Yoga.

Mary, our laugh leader, told us the history and guided us through an hour’s worth of laughing and meditating.

We learned about breathing. Yeah yeah we all breath, but she explained how most of us shallow breath from the chest. We’re supposed to breath deeply from our stomach.

We proceeded to the laughing portion of the session. We were told to throw our arms in the air after each of the different portions and say YAY!!!

We did our laughing HA HA HA HA, HO HO HO HO HO. YAY!

We went through the vowels saying AAAAAAA, EEEEEE, IIIIIIII, OOOOOO, UUUUUU. YAY!!!

We pretended we were doing different sports and we would laugh during the motion.  YAY!

We moved around the room touching the shoulder of each of the participants while laughing. YAY!

And we retested our breathing to see if we were still shallow breathing. NOPE! We felt like we had exercised and our muscles were loosened up our breathing was more deep.

Mary explained that doing these sessions was really like exercising or doing aerobics. She encouraged us to do them for 20 minutes each day. We finished with some meditation and affirmations.

This all happens at the Present Moment in Libertyville each month. I really thought it was a hoot and look forward to participating again.

Laugh, learn and liven up your taste buds!