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My friend Lulu November 17, 2010

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WOW WHAT A GODDESS WEDNESDAY – (enjoy learning about a goddess!)

This week’s goddess is my close friend Lulu – Marilu Gianni!!! I’ve been thinking about her a lot in these past couple of days. She just had brain surgery and I’ve been praying like crazy for her! She is fine. They sent her home within 24 hours (nice hospitals aren’t they?) And if I know my Lulu, being the Princess she is, probably talk the nurses into buying some of her jewelry! She has a gold booth in Chicago and sells costume jewelry, handbags and sunglasses on the side.

Anyway, she’s probably the most positive person I’ve ever met. She gives great advice and I’ve traveled with her to Punta Cana. Hey! It comes in handy having a amiga that knows Spanish. Although we got drunk on sangria and she kept speaking in Spanish to me. I just kept answering – si, si si!!! There also was an “officer of the law” walking around with the ass cheeks of his pants cut out. hee hee

Oh and that’s where I almost died para sailing and I tasted mamajuana. No silly, it’s a drink that the locals make. Mary Kay’s husband Mike is an expert at making it now. I bet Mary Kay is a very happy girl!!!

Read about mamajuana: http://www.visiting-the-dominican-republic.com/dominican-mamajuana-recipe.html

This secret process, only made by a few families who have handed down their recipes for many generations, all goes to produce the traditional ‘pick-me-up’ for a man’s flagging spirits (so to speak) and provide the fuel that enlivens many a Dominican Don Juan’s personal performance…or so it is claimed!!

Marilu had one of my Come with me to Casbah! – Exotic Moroccan Feasts


We gathered the harem and experienced the mysterious deserts of North Africa. We tied jingly coin hip scarves around our hips then had a delectable Moroccan dinner that would make any sheik propose! We listened to the captivating sounds of the Middle East and I taught them how to shake their hips!

So here’s to you Lulu, me amiga, I can’t wait to bring you some orange nut bread and Texas-style sushi on Friday night.


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