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Shimmy this! Goddess October 20, 2010

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This week’s feature goddess is Kara Kowert. I met Kara when I was taking belly dance classes. I was taking tribal dance classes from Christina King with Kara’s friend Kim (who formed MidNight Tribe). Kim, Kara, and Cat all performed at my wedding reception. It was so much fun for our guests. Most folks in the Midwest don’t get to experience the custom of having belly dancers at their reception. So it was quite a treat to for the guests in addition to our Mardi Gras theme. Way too much fun!!! Thanks again to those 3 beautiful dancers. Kara is an amazing dancer, she works with swords and fire. It’s dangerous and mesmerizing. Take a peek at the video!

Kara Kowert

I attended my first ballet class when I was 3 years old.  I continued to study ballet until I reached puberty–performing in numerous shows, competitions and eventually attending the Ruth Page School of Dance before retiring at the age of 12.  A college friend introduced me to belly dance when I was 19 years old.  I began teaching other college students the art of belly dance a year later and performed at several SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc.) events in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

After taking a long hiatus away from dance, I decided to participate in the variety show at my workplace.  In order to get my creative juices flowing, I signed up for a class at The Wellness Center with Tember Sarrol (Zaharah) and met my current dance partner, Cat.  We quickly formed Persephone’s Daughters to explore the many fusion styles of belly dance.

In addition to studying with Tember Sarrol, I’ve also benefited from the instruction of Jenny Hennek, Zayna, Kim Dunham and several workshop instructors including Maleeha, Tarik Sultan, Tempest, Karim Nagi, Rachel Brice, Heather Stants, Jim Boz, Ava Fleming, Aziza, Amy Sigil of Unmata, Isidora Bushkovski and most recently, Michelle Joyce.  My dance style is heavily influenced by my many years of ballet and jazz dance training.

I’m currently a proud member of the professional Tribal Fusion and Fire Performance troupe, MidNight Tribe, under the direction of Kim Dunham (Kira).  We perform ATS improv, Tribal Fusion and oriental style belly dance in addition to fire performance with props such as fire poi, fire belts and fire swords.

You can take classes from Kara in Arlington Heights or hire her or her troupe for an event! They are sure to please.

Persephone’s Daughters


MidNight Tribe



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