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Rah rah sis boom bah October 16, 2010

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SO MUCH FUN SATURDAY – (the greatest day of the week!)

Grayslake Central stayed alive in its quest for a playoff berth by beating crosstown rival Grayslake North 34-7 in a Fox Valley Conference Fox Division game Friday night!

What a blast from the past! I attended this football game last night with my friend Cindy (who I’ve been friends with since I’ve been about 8 years old). We were cheerleaders and pom pons back in the day. Her daughter did the same. I guess that love of dance just runs in the veins.

I broke out my more than 30 year old old high school jacket for the evening. It made everyone laugh. “You still fit in that thing?” Oh duh they made them huge!

Cindy’s son Brock plays drums in the marching band. The theme of the evening was Breast Cancer Awareness. So there was pink everywhere! My crappy camera phone didn’t really live up, but here are some pics of some freezing pink boys!

It was really great people watching. Well enjoy your Saturday people. I’m off to dot lots of things, make some type of dessert for today, and see a speaker at my tri-garden club meeting. Hope you all enjoy your Saturday as well.

Laugh, learn and liven up your taste buds!