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WHAT DAZZLIN’ DIVAS!!! October 9, 2010

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SO MUCH FUN SATURDAY – (the greatest day of the week!)

I attended The Dazzlin’ Diva’s in Denim Girl Party!


My Killer Shoes


The event started with me squeezing my poor sore feet into my gorgeous glittery blue shoes. I did compete in the hippest heels contest. We danced down the aisles parading our pretty pumps! Sorry goddesses, Bethsheba just couldn’t cut it. Competition was too fierce!

I finally got to meet my new found friend Denise! And many other delightful divas!


Pam, Denise and Bethsheba



Gorgeous Divas!



Such spectacular eye lashes!



All age divas were diggin' the party.





There was competition for Best Bling. And there was competition for Most Dazzlin’ Diva!

The lovely DAZZLIN’ DIVA WINNER! She won the wonderful tiara.

And finally, I won a sweet smelling bouquet. What could top the evening off more? Taking my damn shoes off and walking barefoot to the car! Thank goddess it’s still warm out!


I'm such a lucky goddess. Like my butterfly tattoo?


Have a sensational Saturday night sistas!

Laugh, learn and liven up your taste buds!



3 Responses to “WHAT DAZZLIN’ DIVAS!!!”

  1. Oh how fun, Fun, FUN! (except for your sore feet). It looks like everyone had a complete and total BLAST!

    • We did! I simply must get my bunion fixed. It’s hurting so much. Laurie is your store doing the event on October 21? Lulu’s invited me to come to it and place my brochures. They want me to have a small booth in their store for the November store events.

      • Cathy S Says:

        I was so glad to see you there! Goddesses go to where the party is!
        The pictures are wonderful and I hope you found many friends there.
        Follow up, followup followup.

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