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Jerk Killer! Dedicated to Tom Marker September 20, 2010

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The Happy Bartender

MARTINI MONDAY – (enjoy the first evening of the week with a cool cocktail and a easy snack!)

Some Fun Hula Drinks

Well Saturday night was another awesome Jamaican me Crazy Party. Fun, food, friends. What could be better!

They  got drink recipes off the website:


We played some Reggae music that I brought. Our favorite XRT DJ played me some Marley while I packed up the tools of my trade on Friday night. Thanks to you Tom!

Making Mango Crab Stacks

The 4 happy couples made different recipes. There was a delicious crab and mango appetizer.

Men and Cooking - What a great combo!

Stiring the Jerk Sauce

The girls made up a spicy jerked chicken. Plus we had cooling coconut lime rice, black beans, a juicy tropical salad with pineapple, peppers, water chestnuts, and edamame . Our cook on that dish is not a cook at all! So he was able to learn what the heck an edamame (soy beans) is. Plus he learned how to peel a piece of ginger with a spoon. We finished up with some feelin’ happy orange custard dessert.

Was the group feelin’ happy? I’d say so! They got to eat – I cleaned it all up!

Another successful Jamaican Dinner - Irie Mon!

If you eat Jerk, you must drink a Jerk Killer to help balance your taste buds. Since I’m not at your house helping you cook jerk, you can at least make a Jerk Killer…Ask Tom to play you a little Bob Marley and enjoy the beginning of the week.

Jerk Killer
1/2 oz cream
2 & 1/2 oz sweet and sour mix
1/2 banana
1 & 1/4 oz dark rum
1 dash vanilla extract

Blend ingredients in a blender with ice until smooth.

Laugh, learn and liven up your taste buds!