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SLOPGRASS? DANCING September 4, 2010

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SO MUCH FUN SATURDAY – (the greatest day of the week!)

SEE YA’LL NEXT WEEK! I’m headed to the North country!

Asking any other band to play slopgrass might get a,  “You can’t get there from here!” response.

If your into music as much as I am, you’d love coming to the Jackpine Jamboree.

For 16 years now the Jackpine Jamboree has always strived to feature original artists who have created their own unique sounds in the world of music, ranging from Bluegrass, Folk, Old Time, Rock,  Blues, and World Music – all the while keeping that ‘Handmade’ or ‘Homegrown’ sound to the feel of the festival. Each year they enjoy bringing some of Wisconsin finest bands,  as well as acts from other parts of the country.


Every Sloppy Joe performance draws on a deep well of original songs.  This material is frequently recombined with jug-band instrumentation  all while band-members swap the guitar, fiddle, banjo, mandolin, and bass around the stage.  One observer claimed to see the upright bass change players three times in one song.

In this era when many bands perform out of a  weak-eyed allegiance to pop-culture’s  formula for “success” and a soul-less mimicry of music  that’s already  ‘been there and done that’  this originality of sound and subject-matter is the refreshing difference that sets Slopgrass apart from any other stage-style.

Remember, “If it ain’t Sloppy Joe it ain’t  Slopgrass”!

So I hope everyone has a great weekend. I know I’ll be dancing to some fun music as the last hurrah of the summer!

Laugh, learn and liven up your taste buds!