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You have luscious peaches my dear August 20, 2010

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FOODIE FRIDAY – (enjoy a new recipe to try this weekend!)

4 servings

fruit salad:
2 peaches
2 pears
1 small cucumber
100 ml/ 0,42 cup cooked bulgur
10 walnuts halves
zest from 1 lime chopped finely or cut into thin, thin strips

50 ml/ 0,21 cup rum
50 ml/ 0,21 cup water
100 g/ 3,5 oz sugar
1 pinch of vanilla powder (ground vanilla pods) or 1-2 tsp vanilla extract

– Start with the syrup: put the ingredients in a small pan and let it simmer until it has thickened into a syrup. Leave to cool.
– Cut the fruit into pieces, if the skins are thick peel them off, otherwise keep them as it adds a bit of colour.
– Peel the cucumber and dice it finely. Chop or crush the walnuts.
– Put fruit, cucumber and walnuts in a bowl, add as much of the syrup you want, the lime zest and stir. Leave to marinate for 10 minutes.
– Add the bulgur and serve.

Laugh, learn and liven up your taste buds!



2 Responses to “You have luscious peaches my dear”

  1. That’s incredible, Beth!

  2. I wonder if they are real peaches or plastic ones. I would guess plastic!

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