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30 Years on the Job July 8, 2010

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Larry KING – my bestest friend
30 Years at Hewitt Associates

I’ve worked with my good friend Larry for 23 years at Hewitt Associates. We had a little celebration for him at work today. This picture was taken on a Hawaiian vacation he just returned from with his wife of 26 years. Boy in this day and age, it’s just incredible to be able to say you’ve been at your job that long! These celebrities have also weather the years. Larry congratulations, you’re a celebrity in my book!

32 Years New Year’s Rockin’ Eve
“You try to stay on top of what’s going on,” says Clark. “I read magazines and I listen to the radio all the time.” Otherwise, “I’m not doing it different. I’m doing the same act.”

31 Years KISS
“My costume still fits and I wear it with pride,” says Simmons, who’ll tour Australia and Japan with KISS in May. “I look stunning.”

32 Years Wrap Dress
“For 10 years I stopped completely,” says the designer, who unfurled her design in ’72. “But I’ve always had my identity with my brand.”

34 Years All My Children
“When I began I was a schoolgirl, so I grew up with Erica Kane,” says Lucci, who won an Emmy after 18 defeats. “She’s such a delicious character.” One of three original cast members, she’s logged roughly 7,000 episodes.

Still working those rubber lips

42 Years Rolling Stones
“A lot of it is just genetics…. In front of an audience, you have a lot more energy than you’d imagine.”

35 Years Sesame Street
“The technique hasn’t changed a lot,” says Carroll Spinney, the man inside about seven bird suits and on 4,000 shows since ’69. “His eyes move, his beak moves to my voice.”

34 Years Doonesbury
“The dress code,” says the cartoonist, “is one of the best aspects of my job.”

Laugh, learn and liven up your taste buds!



One Response to “30 Years on the Job”

  1. holessence Says:

    CONGRATULATIONS Larry — great to see you here in Beth’s blog!

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