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Jurustic Park – Grrrroowwwlll July 7, 2010

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Spiders and dragons and snakes oh my…
Spiders and dragons and snakes oh my…
Spiders and dragons and snakes oh my…For more details see the link below.

I went to my sister’s house in Wisconsin this weekend. Your first question should be Bethsheba did you gain weight? Why yes blog reader, in fact I did. Only tomorrow’s scale will tell but, I feel very confident that I’ve successfully hit my normal 5 pound weight gain for a eating/drinking weekend in cheeseland. What did we eat you ask?

Well let’s begin with the first night. Ribs, coconut rice (one of my recipes we had to adjust because it just didn’t taste coconutty enough), coleslaw (my grandma’s famous recipe-they owned a bar and grill in Ringwood Illinois called Fireside), potatoes with onions, garlic and goat cheese packed in a foil packet on the grill and cherry ice cream. Oh of COURSE beer. Silly you couldn’t possible be allowed into Wisconsin without popping open beerskis. The evening was topped off with some INCREDIBLE fireworks!!!

Day number 2: Giant sub sandwiches with chips. Dinner we resorted to beans and wienies. More ice cream and beer? Yep. The 4th of July on Lake DuBay was windy and rainy. Sorry Charlie – no more fireworks for us. A snuggly movie watching night of Julie and Julia. Me and my sister Julie’s favorite part? The part where Julie is laying on the floor crying over her unsuccessful meal. Yes – me and Julie have both lain on the floor lamenting dinners gone wrong.

Day number 3: 2nd half of giant sub sandwich more chips and more beer. Sorry we ate all of the ice cream the day before but we did find some hot cocoa because we froze our bare shorts-wearing legs off in the day long rain storms. Those same bare legs were totally chewed up by HUGE mosquitos. And what found it’s way into our belly for dinner? Homemade pork curry made by my brother in law from his English parent’s recipe. Yes there was homemade chutney as well. Kudos to Charles on holding back on the spices for my dainty stomach. Where did the squiters bite us? This really cool place called Jurustic Park in Marshfield. The retired couple were incredibly interesting. He is a retired lawyer turned crazy paleontologist. He builds these amazing creatures from rusted metal parts. My favorite part? He told us lots of funny stories with a deadpan Steven Wright delivery. He explained how people are offended by the male appendages and boobs on his creations. hahahaha I remember commenting how much the boobs made me laugh.


Day Number 4: Driving home sweet home. I had to swing by and use the fanciest bathroom in the world located in Janesville’s Fuddrucker restaurant. It has a freakin’ fireplace! A chocolate malt found it’s way into my parched travel weary throat. I’m safely home (I got to go 100 miles an hour on the Wisconsin Autobahn), belly richer, new plants for my garden richer, new red rider wagon to pull my plants around for $7.00 at a resale shop richer, and even insect bite richer.

Did my coconut rice turn out yummilicious? Why yes it did. It’s now all fixed up for the Jamaican me Crazy party this Friday.

What did you do for the weekend?

Laugh, learn and liven up your taste buds!



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  1. I gained weight just reading your blog!

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