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4 OUT OF 10 May 20, 2010

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Ladies I just met last night and had dinner with were out of work. That’s 40%!!! They say unemployment is at 9.9%. But news results say it’s more like 24% if you count the people who have stopped looking. Seems to me most folks you meet this days have a family member out of work or is out of work.


A lot of outsourcing goes to India. A June 18 Christian Science Monitor article reported “India Winning Higher Status Jobs From U.S.” U.S. companies used to send mundane data-processing jobs there, but now more and more “U.S. firms are farming out much more sophisticated work … taking advantage of skilled accountants, market researchers, and medical technicians … who work for nickels on the dollar.”

The global corporations see the wage disparities and grab them. A table in this same CSM article cites the average salaries for Information Technology programmers (Source: CIO magazine, 11-15-02). A U.S. programmer makes slightly over $63,000 a year versus an Indian programmer who gets $5,880, a Filipino who gets $6,564, a Russian about $6,000, a Chinese about $9,000.

So middle-class, educated Americans with advanced skills are hurt both ways. Aliens come in on temporary visas, particularly H-1Bs, or the lesser-known but fast emerging L1 visa program for “intercompany transferees.”

According to a May 2003 report from the Federation for American Immigration Reform, or FAIR, this program permits multinational companies to transfer employees from a foreign corporation to a U.S. branch, parent, subsidiary or affiliated entity for up to seven years.

I wanted to share what I see happening out there. But I also wanted to share something one of these ladies shared with me. There is a good website to find jobs out there. It’s: http://www.indeed.com.

Good luck

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