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Thanking the lord I’m still only in my 40’s! May 15, 2010

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Today put much perspective on my life. I moan and groan about all the things that I don’t get accomplished or things I don’t have. But wow working today at the Winchester Old Folks home made me realize just what I do have!!!

I can travel and dance and get together with people and do all the necessary things in life. Working, driving, cooking, bitching at my husband, mopping the floor, painting my toenails or my walls, digging out hostas to split up and move around in my yard.

But seeing 80-90 year old men and women, all in wheelchairs, most of them with a grim look on their face makes you feel ALIVE!!!! It was a wonderful day, painting their nails, playing bingo, serving them giant cupcakes, and wheeling them all around the building to see the entertainment. We saw the Beauty School Dropouts ladies sing to the group. With the pink wings and boas. It was such a tiring day, I came home for a nap! hahahaha

Enjoy your life cause man o man it goes by fast. Next thing you know, you’ll be wheeling around in a chair looking for a date to see the afternoon’s entertainment.

Laugh, learn and liven up your taste buds!