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Enjoying each living thing and moment May 7, 2010

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Just getting back from from a brisk walk at dusk, I got to enjoy watching 3 coyote puppies. They were so cute romping, rolling around with each other and going in the hole under the garage. I know they are encroaching on our homes and killing our pets. My old cat, Kittles Spagittles, was killed 2 years ago by a coyote. I saw these same baby coyotes last week crossing the highway and my husband asked if I tried to hit them. sigh…I find it hard to squish the grubs in my garden that turn into those nasty Japanese beetles.

Maybe I can dig up the grubs and feed them to the coyotes? Brilliant I say!!!

Life is like a novel.
It is filled with suspense.
You have no idea what is going to happen until you turn the page.
So enjoy each moment of life.
By: Neha

Laugh, learn and liven up your taste buds!



5 Responses to “Enjoying each living thing and moment”

  1. Beth – You are brilliant, I say.

    Laurie Buchanan

  2. Happy Friday Laurie – YAY it’s raining!!!! I know I’m weird, I liked when it rains on my gardens.

    • holessence Says:

      Beth – It’s not just raining … it’s down right cold. The expected high today is only going to be 57 degrees. But we do need the rain so I’ll stop my whining now.

      Have a GREAT day!

  3. jeffstroud Says:

    They are so cute… yes and they can and do present a problem to the hoods that have advanced on their territory… hmm… I suppose it is up the county/wild game orgs, to capture them and take them to other areas where humans and pets will be safe.

    I am Love, Jeff

  4. Great plan Jeff, but I highly doubt it will happen. My sister from Wisconsin was just looking out her window and there was a wild turkey. No not the booze but a real one! hahahaha She lives on dead end road – Bird Lane and it used to be a turkey farm. She said it’s quite amusing. Last turkey hunting season, while all the hunters were in the woods looking for the turkeys, a big bunch of them were standing in the middle of her road. Now that’s some smart turkeys!!!

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