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Fake sushi? Who woulda known? April 23, 2010

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What a day:

GREAT: My husband’s passport arrived in record time!
GREAT: We probably have renters to replace our renter who was arrested for kidnapping and attempted murder.
BAD: I got 2 tickets from the police. While giving me the 2 tickets, the radio called all Barney Fifes because there was a burglary in progress. Mr. Smiley cute cop says here is  your license and what is your phone number? I will come to where you work to give you your tickets — NICE. Barney comes to where I work and gives me my tickets. I say Barney did you catch the burglars? – NO. neener neener neener!

So fast forward to driving home hoping that another cop won’t nab me on the way I’m thinking about sushi.
BAD: I just got 2 tickets = money that I will have to give to Barney and Mayberry court. So can’t BUY any sushi.
GREAT: I think of a way to make “fake” sushi in a short amount of time at home.

Baked some salmon, made minute rice, diced up some avocado and pickled ginger, stuck some sushi vinegar and teriyaki sauce in there. VOILA! Fake sushi!!!!

Can you see me doing the dance of joy?

Laugh, learn and liven up your taste buds!



2 Responses to “Fake sushi? Who woulda known?”

  1. cindy zwicke Says:

    seriously, this happened? At least the cop was smiley cutie

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