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In honor of birds – Today I was nearly Pooped on! April 16, 2010

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Ok in honor of the fact that I heard a beautiful Robin singing above me. I paused, I looked up and didn’t see the songbird. Good thing about pausing….I didn’t get pooped on! So in the Robin’s honor, I thought about Bird’s Nest Soup. Never tried it but thought I’d remind you of it. Does NOT sound delish to me….

Bird’s Nest Soup

Authentic bird’s nest soup is made using the nests of the swiftlet, a tiny bird found throughout southeast Asia.  The swiftlet lives in dark caves, using a method of echolocation similar to the bat to get around. Instead of twigs and straw, the swiftlet makes its nest from strands of its own gummy saliva, which hardens when exposed to air.  Humans who harvest the swiftlet nests often come from families that have made their living this way for generations.  Prying the nests from the cave walls is extremely dangerous, and many harvesters die each year.

Once the nests are harvested, they are cleaned and sold to restaurants, where they are served simmered in chicken broth. Many westerners think it tastes quite rubbery the first time they try it.  However it is quite popular throughout Asia, perhaps because it has the reputation of being an aphrodisiac.  It is also costly; many western restaurants serve a less expensive version consisting of soup with noodles shaped to resemble a bird’s nest.
LAUGH, LEARN, and I’d say don’t liven up your taste buds on this one girlies…



2 Responses to “In honor of birds – Today I was nearly Pooped on!”

  1. holessence Says:

    Beth – You deserve an award for “The Most Humorous Blog Title Ever!

    Laurie Buchanan

  2. Hey it’s dangerous in my yard. Things fly at me from above and spiders crawl out of the ground at me. I just gently pick those guys up and move them away from me.

    When I was gardening yesterday, I just couldn’t get the image of you (Granny B) and Len fishing out of my mind for some reason.

    Somehow I think you’ll still be as hyper when you’re 90 as you are now!!!

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