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How many couches does a person own in a lifetime? March 23, 2010

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This weekend got me thinking about one of the 3 things that make me happy each day.  My husband kindly repaired the reclining couch that’s been broken for probably well over a year. The do hickie on the bottom of the leg rest was not attached anymore.  We flipped it over, found 3 coins, a gold earring, my missing eye glasses, the missing cell phone cover, lots of yucky crumbs, and dust bunnies.  While vacuuming the dust bunnies and crumbs, we took a peek at the piece of paper attached to the bottom. It said that my well used couch was delivered to me in 1998.

So I started thinking about all the couches that I’ve owned over my lifetime.  The pictures I have listed here are not my “actual” couches. But they definitely give a good look at what has graced my houses. The first one was a orange, plaid, pull out sofa. It was missing the back cushions and I slept on it quite a bit since me and the first hubby only owned a bed that was 3/4 sized.

The next beauty was from a family member and was the most interesting. It was a curvy, white, retro 60’s couch. You really couldn’t lay on it without feeling a little curvy.

The third couch of my life was what I thought would be wonderful! A cream colored floral couch. Come on! We had 2 large dogs and a cat. Imagine how long that cream color lasted? So next that couch acquired a denim blue couch cover. Wowsers!

And that brings us squarely back to the current couch that is now 12 years old. There are no rips or tears (just a few kitty cat scratches). It has the foot rest do hickies reattached and other movable metal parts and nuts oiled. What mechanic would EVER fix something and not spray a little oil on it?

Mom in law was going to buy us a new couch last winter, but we opted for a new sink cabinet for the bathroom.  So I’m very curious how long my blue recliner couch will last. It’s quite amusing, hubby never knew that the middle part opened and a nice table with 2 glass holes flipped out.

Most couches have a story – tell me yours!

Two more things that made me happy.  Having conversations today with two good friends who think like me. And my hubby starting down the path of his new career! YAY!

Laugh, learn and liven up your taste buds!



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